School competition: How can bioeconomy help to reach a sustainable future?

Let's spread Bioeconomy!

This is a competition for school classes, science clubs, teams, individuals and teachers from primary and secondary (intermediate) school level!

Let us know what bioeconomy means for you and what possibilities you see for a sustainable future! Share with us your ideas!

Deadline and who can participate

The competition is open until the 15th of April 2022 and targets pupils and teachers from primary level (age 5-11) and from intermediate school level (age 11-15). You can enter the competition either as single pupil, a group, a teacher or as an entire class.

Who can enter the competition and what is expected from competitors?

  • Primary level Kids between ages 5-11: What is bioeconomy for you? Show us your ideas how bioeconomy can be part of your daily life!
  • Secondary, intermediate level – Youngsters between ages 10-15: How can bioeconomy solve a specific problem? Describe the problem and share with us your idea on how bioeconomy can solve this issue!
  • Primary levelTeachers from primary level teaching pupils from age 5-11: Create teaching/learning material that can easily be used from other teachers
  • Secondary, intermediate level – Teachers teaching pupils from age 10-15: Create teaching/learning material that can easily be used from other teachers

The following formats can be uploaded: narratives, stories, texts, pictures, videos, posters, drawings, podcasts, music, business and project ideas …. get creative!


Submit your ideas and solutions here!


A jury of experts will decide on the best submissions in each category.

Great prices such as books, pens, bioplastic cups and „grow it yourself“ mycelium kits await the winning kids and youngsters and winning teachers will receive 200€ in order to buy educational material for their school class.

For ideas, you can also search the Transition2Bio toolkits for teachers or the hands-on ideas for kids here!

For questions regarding the competition please contact: or

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