Transition2BIO at Planetiers World Gathering


Planetiers World Gathering is the biggest international event for sustainable innovation in Portugal and brings together social and environmental impact projects, communities and cities, and the world’s most inspiring change agents. In the 2022 edition, the event featured speakers such as David Simas(president of Obama foundation) or Gunter Pauli (entrepreneur, professor and author of “The Blue Bioeconomy”.
The event had a dedicated pavilion for exhibitors, where Transition2BIO organised the “EU Green Corner”.

LOBA, in collaboration with EU-funded projects RuralBioUp, FOODCost, BlueRev,, B-Thenet, URBAN TECH, Women4RES organised the “EU Green corner” in the context of the pavilion for exhibitors at Planetiers World Gathering from the 24th to the 26th of October 2022.
With a dedicated space of 45 metres square the EU Green corner encompassed different aspects and sectors of sustainable innovation and bioeconomy, namely: Business models (with EU projects RuralBioUp, URBAN TECH, FOODCoST and BlueRev); Governance (; Communication and Education (Transition2BIO); Network (B-Thenet) and Gender equality (Women4RES). A dedicated joint booth with all projects was brought for the event in order to represent the different projects as a whole.

The audience was diversified, ranging from families, schools and kids (that were addressed to labs organised with ambassadors of the European Climate Pact) to brilliant young entrepreneurs who just launched their sustainable businesses. Per each type of audience, the Corner had information and opportunities to offer, whether it was more educational with Transition2BIO or more business-oriented with RuralBioUp, URBAN TECH, FOODCoST and BlueRev.

The Corner had an average of 30 participants per hour with peaks of over 50, all initially attracted by the exhibition of bio-based products from Transition2BIO.


October 31, 2022

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