The BioArt Gallery and the Bioeconomy Village at EcoFuturo Festival!


EcoFuturo Festival is the Italian festival of eco technologies where a network of companies, professionals and researchers meet annually to disseminate the most relevant innovations and new technological approaches to solving energy, climatic and environmental problems to institutions and the general public.

This year the event took place in Rome, Città dell’Altra Economia, from 24 May to 29 May and covered different thematic areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency, agriculture 4.0, waste disposal, sustainable land and sea mobility, green finance. A large number of visitors were engaged with several activities: meetings, training courses, presentations of eco-technological innovations for the sustainability and energy independence of companies, speeches, artistic and cultural events and exhibitions. Over 70 Italian and international companies participated at the fair.

Transition2Bio representatives participated in the festival with the BioArt Gallery exhibition, offering a very effective approach of showcasing to the public some examples of bio-based products and applications through several examples currently available in the market. During the last day of the festival, the Bioeconomy Village showed more than 350 bio-based products in different application fields and several copies of the book for kids “What’s bioeconomy?” were also distributed.

The book was also offered as gift to a great social innovation project called RiDeRe, promoting free exchange of toys and books among kids.

Susanna Albertini (FVA), representing Transition2Bio and the European Bioeconomy Network (EuBioNet), participated in the round table “Renewable Energy for Peace – Energy autonomy and renewable sources to protect the present and the future” with a speech on the role of bioeconomy in boosting the transition towards a more sustainable way of energy production and, in general consumption and lifestyle. Susanna’s speech focused on the different activities carried out with Transition2Bio to inspire, inform and educate teachers and students on the bioeconomy, therefore contributing to attract young generations towards future careers in the bioeconomy. Through several (physical) examples of bio-based products, a selection of the entire collection showcased in the Bioeconomy Village, the main objective of the speech was to demonstrate how an increasing adoption of biomaterials can help reduce waste of energy.

The speech was live streamed on the festival social media and it is available in Italian at this link (from min. 43).


June 10, 2022

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